Neal E. Velvin organized the firm in 1965 as Neal E. Velvin, Consulting Engineer, in Tyler, Texas; then moved to Athens, Texas in 1967. During the nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies the firm provided general Civil Engineering services, such as the design of water treatment and distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems, and streets for the cities of Athens, Kaufman and Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

In 1973, the firm was incorporated as Velvin and Weeks Consulting Engineers, Inc. with principals in the firm being Neal E. Velvin and W. Wayne Weeks. In 2004, Tyler N. Hendrickson was invited to become a shareholder and principal in the firm. 

In 2006, the firm ownership continued to evolve with W. Wayne Weeks becoming the majority stockholder and Tyler Hendrickson becoming a minority stockholder.

In 2008, W. Wayne Weeks relinquished control of daily operations within the firm and began a gradual divestiture of his corporate ownership. Tyler N. Hendrickson was named President of the firm at that time. 

The firm continues to be engaged in providing a wide range of services for municipalities, water supply corporations, state agencies and private firms or individuals including the design of collection and treatment facilities for water, wastewater, airports, streets, parks and storm-water drainage. Additionally, the firm has extensive experience in the design and analysis of dams for reservoirs and recreation facilities.